Meaning of 'vala'

{*}, adj. juvenile, young, pala.

vala cingkam, a young lion.
valacinekam, valiya-, attachment or friendship formed in early life.
vala curiyan, the rising sun.
valattuvam, vigour of youth.
valavayacu, youth, tender age, juvenility.
valan, valavayacullavan, a youth, a lad.

Meaning of வால

{*}, adj. juvenile, young, பால.

வால சிங்கம், a young lion.
வாலசிநேகம், வாலிய-, attachment or friendship formed in early life.
வால சூரியன், the rising sun.
வாலத்துவம், vigour of youth.
வாலவயசு, youth, tender age, juvenility.
வாலன், வாலவயசுள்ளவன், a youth, a lad.

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