Meaning of 'val'

, s. a sword, katti; 2. a saw, mul val; 3. lustre, light, oli.

vatkaran, valayukkiyavan, a sawyer.
valaram, a two-edged file to sharpen saws.
valanmai, skill with the sword.
valayutam, a sword.
valuzavar, soldiers, heroes, champions.
valuyai, a scabbard.
valmin, a sword-fish.
arival, a sickle.
mulval, a saw.

Meaning of வாள்

, s. a sword, கத்தி; 2. a saw, முள் வாள்; 3. lustre, light, ஒளி.

வாட்காரன், வாளறுக்கிறவன், a sawyer.
வாளரம், a two-edged file to sharpen saws.
வாளாண்மை, skill with the sword.
வாளாயுதம், a sword.
வாளுழவர், soldiers, heroes, champions.
வாளுறை, a scabbard.
வாள்மீன், a sword-fish.
அரிவாள், a sickle.
முள்வாள், a saw.

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