Meaning of 'capalam'

{*}, s. profit, gain, advantage, anu kulam; 2. tenderness, weakness cavalai; 3. craving, desire, acai; 4. mercury, iracam; 5. ficklemindedness.

capalangkettavan, a useless fellow.
capalangkolla, to have a craving for.
capalacittam, ficklemindedness.
capalan, a fickle-minded person.

Meaning of சபலம்

{*}, s. profit, gain, advantage, அனு கூலம்; 2. tenderness, weakness சவலை; 3. craving, desire, ஆசை; 4. mercury, இரசம்; 5. ficklemindedness.

சபலங்கெட்டவன், a useless fellow.
சபலங்கொள்ள, to have a craving for.
சபலசித்தம், ficklemindedness.
சபலன், a fickle-minded person.

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